Giorgos Papadatos
Athens 1969, he lives and works in Athens
He is founding member of  Lo and Behold non-profit platform since 2008

Solo shows
2020: -Stages for minor actions, Potential Project, Athens, Greece
2013: -The shape of orders to come (with Société Réaliste ), Salon de Vortex, Athens, Greece
2007: -Corporate cities Ltd, text by Marina Fokidis, E31 gallery, Athens, Greece
2002: -Light unit factories,text by Simona Barruco,Galleria Umberto di Marino ,Giuliano(Na), Italy
2000: -The master-list of dead media, curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Maria Grazia Tolomeo,S8Zero,
             Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy        
             -Gymnasium,curated by Stefano Chiodi, Centro civico per l’arte contemporanea la grancia
 Serre di Rapolano(SI), Italy                              
1999: -Bodycount ,curated by Stefano Chiodi, Associazione Culturale Futuro, Rome, Italy       
  Selected group shows
2019: - City in Pieces, curated by Gigi Argyropoulou and Kostas Tzimoulis, EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ, critical institute for arts and politics, Athens, Greece
2018:  - DOTLAND II / Spannung, curated by Peninsula Dotland, Schmargendorfer Zigarettenfabrik, Berlin,  Germany
- Nothing is really Queered / Back to Athens 6, curated by Georg Georgakopoulos and Christian Rupp,
                Οld paper Warehouse 3 Chrysospiliotissis Str. Athens
 - When All is Said and Done, curated by Artemis Potamianou, Angus-Hughes Gallery, London, UK
- Theorimata ,deductive and axiomatic systems , curated by  AICA-Hellas ,EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art , Athens. *
2017:- Back to basics: Text , Curated by Artemis Potamianou , ΕΝΙΑ Gallery , Piraeus *
2016: -Nice!, curated by Yiannis Grigoriadis and Yiannis Isidorou (Salon de Vortex), Municipality of Nikaia Cultural Centre "Manos Loizos", Athens *
2015: -It's all Greek to me, curated by Julie René de Cotret and Artemis Potamianou, Hallway Galleries – Artscape
Youngplace , Toronto, Canada
  - SI VIS PACEM, PARA BELLUM, curated by Alexandre Durand, Plateforme Paris, Paris
  - Luminous Flux / Reflected overlays on locative norms, curated by Campus Novel, Kornilakis buiding,
Ermoupolis, Syros.
 - Blasted, curated by Zara Audiello, Beton7, Athens
2014:  - Failure, The symptom project, curated by Theodoros Zafeiropoulos, Old hospital, Amfissa *
-The Kennedy Bunker, a project by Nicos Charalambidis, Reh Transformer, Berlin, Germany
-The rule of law and the right to be human, curated by Thalia Vrachopoulos and Bill Pangburn, A.S.F.A, Athens *
- Reflections on Art and Literature, curated by Artemis Potamianou & Thalia Vrachopoulos, organized by Lo and  Behold, Rosalux, Berlin, Germany *
2013:  - Microgeographies III : toi et tes epaves, curated by Hariklia Hari, Athens
- The Cabinet, curated by Dionisis Christofilogiannis, Giorgos Tserionis, Andreas Voussouras, Remap4,Athens
- Springs and sources, curated by Leda Kazandzaki and Campus Novel, Apoikia, Andros *
- Exercises on Democracy, a project by Nikos Charalabidis, Open Case 303, Athens
2012:  - Tout va bien, curated by Andreas Voussouras, CAMP, Athens
- Memoria, curated by Eva Marathaki and Kostas Arvanitis, Tsichritzis Foundation, Athens*
 - Forgetmenot, curated by Sumermina,  Elica gallery, Athens                                
2011:   - PIGS Case, curated by Lo and Behold ,Kulturhuset Stockholm, Sweden
2010:   - Battlefield , Taf (The Art Foundation) , Athens, Greece *
2009:   - Expanded Ecologies, curated by Daphne Vitali, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece*
 -Delphi is a place to meet,(12 artists on Joseph Beuys) curated by Artemis Potamianou, Yiannis Melanitis,
   Rea Thonges-Stringaris Greek American Union,Athens, Greece*
2007:   -Round Trip, curated by Francesca di Nardo, Couvent des Recollets, Paris, France
 - Metropolitan landscapes, curated by Giorgia Calo, Museo Laboratorio,Rome,Italy
2006:  - Gates,curated by Antonella Marino,cruises terminal of port of Bari,Bari,Italy*
2005:   -Napoli Presente,curated by Lorand Hegyi,Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli,Naples,Italy*
 -Streif 2005,curated by Nordic Kunstarsenter Dalsasen,Reiseter,Hardanger,Norway
-Inhabituel,curated by Dena Foundation For Contemporary Art,Fabbrica del Vapore,Milan,Italy*
2004:  -Athens by Art, commissaire Efi Strouza, org City of Athens-Aica Hellas,Monastiraki square, Athens, Greece*  
-L’intime-le collectionneur derrière la porte,La maison rouge,Fondation Antoine de Galbert,Paris,France*
-Perspective 04,curated by Giacomo Zaza,Molfetta(BA),Italy*
-Elettricità-Premio Città di Terni,curated by Giuliana Stella,Palazzo di Primavera,Terni,Italy*
2003:  -Piazza Dante,curated by Giacomo Zaza,Caserta,Italy*
-Knock before entry, curated by Dena Foundation, Couvent des Récollets, Paris, France
-Inchiostro indelebile, curated by Domenico Giglio,MACRO,Rome,Italy*
-Luoghi d’affezione -Europalia 2003, curated by Angelo Capasso,Brussels - Eupen,Belgium*
-Tirana Biennale2,U-Topos, curated by Edi Muka and Gezim Qendro, Tirana,Albania*
-A parole,curated by Gianella Demuro,PAV,Sassari,Italy*
-RAM, Utopia station,50th Venice Biennial, curated by Zerynthia, Venice, Italy*
2002:  -Small Brother-Onufri 2002,curated by Edi Muka, National Gallery ,Tirana, Albania*
            -L'Arte  del Gioco, curated by Alberto Fiz ,Museo archeologico di Aosta,Aosta,Italy*
            -Archivio attivo,curated by Daniela Bigi,Centro ArteContemporanea Carbognano(VT),Italy*
            -SuperMover,curated by Eugenio Valdes,Fotofest 2002,Houston,USA
            -Antologia Romana,curated by Daniela Bigi,Galleria Bagnai,Siena,Italy*
            -Art-Files,curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Sabrina Vedovotto,Temple Gallery,Roma,Italy*
2001:  -Colori dal Mediterraneo,(permanent installations) curated by Zerynthia,Ospedale Sant  Andrea,Rome,Italy
            -Gravità Zero,curated by Bartolomeo Pietromarchi and Maria Grazia Tolomeo,Palazzo delle Esposizioni,Rome,Italy*
            -Pulsioni Eversive-Porta d’Oriente 3,curated by Giacomo  Zaza,Palazzo Tupputi,Bisceglie(Ba),Italy*
            -Art-Files,curated by Ludovico Pratesi,Pesceria,Pesaro,Italy*
            -1001Biennale,curated by Teresa Macri,Fondazione Bevilaqua la Massa,Venice,Italy
            -3ends:Roma,curated by Ludovico Pratesi ,Salara,Bologna,Italy*
2000:-Bienel de la Habana 2000,workshop Ventana Hacia Venus,curated by Zerynthia,Habana,Cuba*
            -Melting-Frame,curated by Augusto Pieroni,Fringe Festival,Ex Stazione Leopolda,Florence,Italy*
            -Con i tuoi occhi-La generazione più attesa,curated by Salvatore Lacagnina,Torre del Castello,Covo(BG),Italy*
            -Akropolis-Catarsi dell' arte contemporanea,curated by  Giacomo Zaza,Teatro Fraschini,Pavia,Italy*
            -Metropolis,Suoni e visioni dalla città,curated by Paola Magni,Palazzo delle Esposizioni,Rome,Italy
           -Artbeat2,curated by  Guido Bartorelli,Fabriano Fabbri and Emanuela Nobile Mino,Acquario Romano,Rome,Italy*
1999:-9th Biennale dei Giovanni Artisti dell’ Europa e del Mediterraneo, pavillion curated by Jannis Kounellis,Rome,Italy*
            -Ars Medica-Fuoriuso‘99,curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Paola Magni ,Ex Clinica Baiocchi, Pescara,Italy*
            -Switching Rooms,curated by Stefano Chiodi, Vittoria Zileri Dal Verme,Rome,Italy
            -Effetto Domino,curated by Domenico Scudero,Change Studio d' arte contemporanea, Rome,Italy*
1998:-Andere Sichten,curated by Patrick Huber,Field beim Kunsthaus,Zurich,Swizerland

Video  Shows /Festivals
2004:-9 muses i presume,curated by Katerina Gregos,Casa Encendida,Madrid,Spain*
2001:-Videotrip 01,curated by Claudio di Biaggio and Caterina Nicolini,Teatro Vascello,Rome,Italy
            -Italian connection,Forum Medial,Kornhaus,Bern,Swizerland
            -Relazioni incrociate,curated by Simone Zaug and Caroline Bachman ,Pasquino,Rome,Italy
            -Rencontre Franco-Italienne video,curated by M.R Sossai, Galerie Francaise,Rome,Italy
            -Elettroshok.30 anni di video in Italia,curated by Bruno di Marino,Acquario Romano,Rome,Italy*
2000:-Videoplace,curated by Salvatore Lacagnina,Festa dell’ Unità,Modena,Italy*
            -In Video Veritas: Visioni Italiane,British Academy,Rome,Italy
            -Mixed-Media,curated by Daria Filardo,Galleria Neon,Bologna,Italy
            -Camera con Vista,curated by Ludovico Pratesi and Katia Ficociello,Teatro Il Vascello,Rome,Italy*
1999:-Medi@terra '99,Fournos-Center for Art & New tecnologies, Athens, Greece*
            -Les formes du regard,Cinemateque de Lausanne,Lausane,Swizerland
            -Pesaro Film Festival,sezione corto Europa video,Pesaro,Italy*
             -Linea d’ ombra,Stile libero,curated by Bruno di Marino,SalernoInFestival, Salerno,Italy*
             -Metamorfosi ‘99 , Sezione Digitalia,curated by Bruno di Marino, Goethe Istitut ,Rome,Italy*
            -Festival del Cinema d’Avanguardia dell’Europa Centrale,curated by Bruno di Marino, Budapest ,Hungary*
            - Bergamo Film Meeting ‘99,Bergamo,Italy*
            -Transmediale ‘99,International Media Art Festival,Berlin,Germany* 
            -Proiezione Speciale per,“Il Giappone( ri)visto da 12 (video) artisti”,curated by Bruno di Marino 
          Japanese Istitute,Rome,Italy
            -The 21st Tokyo Video Festival, Tokyo, Japan
            -Invideo ‘99, IX Edizione,Palazzo della Triennale, Milan,Italy*
1998:-Videominuto ,Museo Pecci, Prato *
            -Fuoricampo Video-Film Festival,II Edition, Milan,Italy


          Curatorial projects
2016:- Artistic Practices: Housing as social agreement, an ongoing archive ( with Sofia Dona)  #ThisIsACo-op Greek Pavilion, Giardini, 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy *
2014:- Public Domain, (with Artemis Potamianou), organized by Lo and Behold, Milkshake agency, Geneva, Switzerland*
2012:- Public Domain, (with Artemis Potamianou), organized by Lo and Behold, Supermarket Art Fair, Kulturhuset, Stockholm, Sweden*
2011:- After the rage, organized by Lo and Behold, Beton7, Athens *

Special Projects
2017:- Studio Sharing ACT IV, curated by Stefania Migliorati , Snehta Residency , Athens
2015:  -Athenian nights, Organised by: Βarbara Polla, Maro Michalakakos, Ellie Paxinou, State of concept, Athens
2014:  -Paper faces- Remake yourself, a project by V.Y.C.A, Art-Athina 2014, Athens
2012:   -Out of place-an ongoing archive, curated by 22:37 Association, Idependents 3 ArtVerona, Verona, Italy
-Inter Alios –a collaborative art book, curated by Artemis Potamianou, Openshow studio, Athens *
-Off-shore project, organized by Filopappou group, Meropi island, Kardamili, Greece
-Holidays in Greece – a performative installation , a project by StudioVisits Berlin, Berlin/Kassel
2011:- Design your house and furniture in a way that could serve the revolution, a project by Nicos Charalambidis,
Beton7, Athens
2004:-Ad-Hoc, curated by Michael Rakowitz, Weatherspoon Art Museum,Greensboro, NC, USA
2003:-Je Veux, curated by onestar press,Palais de Tokyo, Paris*
2002:-RadioArteMobile, curated by Zerynthia*
            -Glimses, web project, curated by Personal Cinema,Athens,Greece
2000:-ZMagazine, web project, curated by  Zerynthia
            -Verso Sud,curated by Zerynthia
            -Emporio Maraini,curated by Monica Germann e Daniel Lorenzi,Swiss Istitute,Rome,Italy

* catalogue

Artist’s  Books
2000:-Real Time Agent,Edition curated by Stefano Chiodi, VOLUME, Rome,Italy
Prizes /Grants
2005:- Nordisk Kunstarsenter Dalsasen,Dale i Sunnfjord,Norway
2003/4:-Centre International Couvent des Récollets, Paris, France
2002:-Onufri 2002 (II prize for Idle Report),Tirana, Albania
1999:-The 21st Tokyo Video Festival  (Golden Award for Bee Simulator  2.0), Tokyo, Japan
1998:-Fuoricampo, Video -Film Festival (I PremioVideoarte), Milan, Italy

2019:- Notes and appeals, EIGHT / ΤΟ ΟΧΤΩ, critical institute for arts and politics, Athens, Greece
2016:- Artistic Practices: Housing as social agreement, an ongoing archive ( with Sofia Dona)  #ThisIsACo-op Greek Pavilion, Giardini, 15th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, Venice, Italy *
2015: -Artist as organizer, “the shifting artist identity within the art collectives”, organized by: Université de Paris-Sorbonne, FR, Institut Supérieure des Beaux Arts (ISBA),FR, Athens School of Fine Arts, Athens
-Rencontres Art-Politique, “sustainability and art collectives”, organized by Gongle, Montreuil, Paris, France *
2013:-Expanded points (10 talks on contemporary art), “site-specific and the need for reality” organized by Lo and behold, House of literature , Lefkes, Paros
2011:-After the rage, talk on the Arab contemporary video production, Beton7, Athens
2005:-Nordic United World College,seminar and talk on engraving in contemporary art, Fjaler, Norway
2004:-Centre international les Recollets, conference on ubiguity(con Dr Claude Theoret),Paris,France
2003:-Universita di Roma la Sapienza, Master in science and communication, inv prof  Luisa Valeriani,Rome,Italy       
-Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma,inv prof Laura Salvi and Giuliana Stella,Rome,Italy
2001:-Universita di Bologna,dipartment of literature and philosophy,inv prof Paola Sega Zanetti,Bologna,Italy
2000:-Universita dell Acquila, dipartment of history of art,inv prof  Ester Coen, Acquila, Italy
          -Theatro National, whorkshop and conference ,org by Zerynthia, Habana, Cuba
1999:-Universita di Roma Tor Vergata,Master in new media,inv prof Bruno di Marino,Rome,Italy